Lids and Caps

Lid 2 containments
Screw Lid 40mm for tube
Screw Lid High 50g 100 200g
Screw Lid Mayonnaise 250g 500g
Screw Lid S13
Screw Lids 53mm and 63mm
Screw Lids Low 50g 100 200g

Flasks, cups and jars

Cup 106ml
Cup 159ml
Cup 210ml
Cup 225ml
Cup 660ml
Flask 600ml
Jar 235ml
Conic Jar 1L
Conic Jar 2L
Conic Jar 250ml
Conic Jar 500ml
Conic Jar 750ml
Dome Jar 500ml
Dome Jar 900ml
IML Jar 280ml
IML Jar 615ml
Oval Jar 730ml
Square Jar 2L
Rectangular Jar 1.5L
Rectangular Jar 2L
Hexagonal Jar 237ml
Bowl 200ml

Special Projects

Egg Base
Dose Spoon 11ml
Shoulder 28mm
Brazilian Coffee
Nescafé (Daw Jar)
Nestlé Caps (65, 73 CL/SL, 99 CL/SL, 127)
Colgate (Shampoo, Tooth Paste)
MM Tubes
Iguaçu Coffee
Rei do Mate Cup
Pelé Coffee

Factory and Commercial

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